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Trong Nguyen
May 3rd, 2020

It has been two weeks I haven’t post any new article. I would blame it for the Covid-19 situation. Usually, I write every day when I’m on the train back home from the office. Is that strange when I just can write on the train? And when I’m back home, I don’t have the mood to write anymore.

The WFH situation might last to the end of the year. If I can’t find a way to write, my writing plan will break.

Many people are losing their jobs. Many doctors and nurse are being sleepless to help infected patients. Many businesses are going to shut down. But I still have a job, still have food, can sleep every night.

So to you, Trong, don’t blame the circumstance. Let find a time to write.

On the other side, the bright side, I’m still learning to draw. I finished two basic courses in drawing.

The first one is how to draw and sketch for absolute beginners, the very basic course for absolute beginners, as the title called. I learned how to draw… lines, rectangle, triangle,…

The second is more advanced, the ultimate animal drawing course - beginner to advanced. This is more interesting than the first one. It teaches me the basic animal anatomy, the basic structure/form of any animal. From the base structure, we can add details and create your animal character. Through some exercises, I realize that I can draw well. But it depends on how far I want to go with drawing: just for fun or going deep. The reason I decided to learn drawing because I wanted to do hand-drawn animation. I’m still loving to create animation. So, treat it as a hobby. No pressure.

Another thing, for 3 days, I’ve been struggling with a new way to create content: Instagram.

Somehow, I discovered the guy Chris Do. I was impressed. First, he seems a Vietnamese-American. Second, he teaches how to create content on Instagram which I’ve never thought before.

He the founder of, where they teach about design and design business. But the best thing about him is the way he uses Instagram to teach people. He uses Instagram carousel to bring content visually and easily to read. And he acquires followers, students, and customers from it. It’s a very good way to build a personal brand.

Let see how he did it on this post

The attention span of people now is less than 9 seconds. Before 2000, it was 13 seconds. It’s the cause of the internet and social network. Now we need a better way to grab people’s attention. Visual is the best way.

On Instagram, we can create great visuals, grab people’s attention and prompt people to swipe to read the content.

Maybe it’s the new horizon.

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