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Finally, my design sees the light

As designers, we always face the truth that our design might never see the light. Even the time we spent on that design is huge.

Trong Nguyen
March 6th, 2021

There are many reasons for that. The scope change, the team change, the manager change,…

One of my projects almost falls into that hole. In October 2019, I started to redesign the listing detail page for the desktop web. I spent lots of time brainstorming, ideate, discussed, debated, presented, user research. 3 months later, I had the best design. I was so proud of that design.

I thought it would be the next thing team want to implement. But sadly, my team picked another project to build first. They said that one has a bigger impact, and so on…

So the new design has stayed in the backlog for more than half a year. Luckily, in November 2021, a new web engineer joined our team. We have more people, the new design was selected to build!

I’m thankful for my new web engineer and my patience.

After more than 3 months of building, we released that new design with an A/B test. It’s not fair to do an A/B test with many things that have changed. But in a big organization, we need data to prove whether new changes are good or bad.

I’m very excited to see the result. But first, take a look at the old and the new design to see it looks.

listing detail old
Old design
listing detail new
New design
listing detail 3
listing detail 4
listing detail 2
listing detail 1
listing detail 5

Looking forward to the result and next iterations.

Hi, I'm Trong, product designer living in Singapore. I write to practice, and write to find ideas. Nice to meet you!
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