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Updates for the week

Trong Nguyen
February 24th, 2020

Some updates for the past week

Hey, I didn’t post a new article last week. It’s not because I forgot. I just had some new ideas and in the mids of the making process.

I don’t want my writing drops any week. So I will post a short post here, as a new article :)

First, I spent a couple of days last week to find ideas to write. I found many ideas.

I felt excited with new ideas for blogging. Most of them relate to design and web.

After finishing the book “Company of one” by Paul Jarvis, I started to think about my future company of one. I defined who is the audience of my blog and asked myself what they need. Then I will write to them.

I would target two groups of people. One is young designers who are seeking experiences and design knowledge. Another one is potential clients who are looking for designers. I would share the value of design and how they can improve their business with the help of design.

Second, I did brainstorm to find ideas for side projects. I found out a lot of them. One of the many new ideas is to build a collection of Figma tips. They are small tips to fasten the workflow on Figma.

I want to build something useful for people, that’s the nature of the designer right? But for the side projects, I want to practice and learn new things.

With this idea, I can easily do it with a post on my blog. But along with the usefulness, I want to make it beautiful and learn more about coding (with Gatsby). If you’re curious, subscribe to my email list to get the newest updates.

Third, I’m working on another side project, but it will not be on the stage. I mean besides actors and actresses, there are a lot of people behind the scene to make a movie. The idea is to build a web template. When I want to build a new website, I will just need to duplicate that project. Since all base components are ready, I will just need to update the design to fig the new idea.

I build that template based on a GatsbyJS source from, it called Novela. I customized the source code to fit my base need. I also refactor (removed) the code to make it cleaner and simpler.

Now, after knowing how to build a website and having a template, many new ideas come tome. Looking forward to the future.

Singapore, Feb 24, 2020

Hi, I'm Trong, product designer living in Singapore. I write to practice, and write to find ideas. Nice to meet you!
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