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Why I create a new blog?

Trong Nguyen
September 12th, 2019

New home, new start.

My old blog is full of dirt. It has been 2 years with no new post. It’s very bad.

Writing is very good for designers nowadays. It’s not for getting a new job, it helps us practice the explaining skill. Write make us think clearer and more important, explore new ideas.

Yeah, but why a new blog?

You can write on your old blog?

When I came to Singapore, my head of product design asked why I didn’t write in English. He knew that I have a blog in Vietnamese - maybe that’s why I was hired.

I wrote it in Vietnamese because I want to share my knowledge with Vietnamese designers and build my audience. My email, after a year of writing, still empty. So share to who?

Now it should be time to write in English. Better for my English level, for better explaining skill, for clearer thinking.

“Write to get ideas, Not to express them”

Beautiful fonts

What? If you are Vietnamese, you can understand it easily, no many fonts that support Vietnamese.

If we write in English, there’s no problem with the font. You can pick any font that we like to put on our website, as long as it’s support for web.

With Vietnamese, your choice is very limited (I dont’ want to say it’s poor). Mots of fonts don’t support Vietnamese, the most popular language that supports my mother one are Roboto, Open sans, Noto sans,… They are too popular and too boring. You see them on every website. I get sick with them, with Roboto.

I know that writing is about content. But as a designer, writing is also about the aesthetic. The font we use reflect our taste, our personality. The fonts I’m choosing to have more personality, both modern and classical.

And I’m very happy with the new font, new blog. When something doesn’t work, build a new one is better than fix the broken one.

Singapore Sep 11, 2019

Hi, I'm Trong, product designer living in Singapore. I write to practice, and write to find ideas. Nice to meet you!
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